Tag Google Drive and Dropbox Files

Create a universal file taxonomy to make the whole team more efficient.

Tag Management

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Why Use Tags?

Manage Assets With Ease

Improve document discovery, reusability, and minimize redundancy and reworks by creating a universal file taxonomy to harmonize project workstreams.

Tag Management

Tag 1,000's of Files Quickly

Conveniently tag 100's of files at once with tagging permutations. Apply top-level and granular tags in one pass to make the tagging process faster and more efficient.

Tag Management files


In Minutes, Connect
to All Your Files

Digitile tagging system works with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and Trello to add functionality to append tags to all of your owned and shared files in bulk. Our goal is to enable the team to individualize organizing files in ways that are meaningful to each team member.

Universal Tagging In Chrome

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