Do you struggle to find files in…

Digitile is your solution.




Link It
Digitile links your favorite cloud storage solutions with a simple click-to-connect system.

Fuel It
File data is automatically organized, sorted, scored and tagged and then stored in Digitile to make file search easier.



Search Smarter with Tags

Add tags to all of your files so you have personalized categories to enhance your search. Do all of this in seconds with the bulk tagging feature.

Accuracy Matters

Search logic identifies exact files, content and image recognition so you can zero in on the right file in any language.

Queries & Filters
Use any combination of keywords, hashtags, and filters to create highly specific search results.



Image Display
Say goodbye to folder files. Memorable image displays make it easy to scan search results just like you would on social media.

cross platform view


File Share
With a click, you can notify your team about an interesting asset for an upcoming project or business goal.

Our integration with G Suite and Office 365 makes it simple to keep documents automatically saved and immediately searchable, even while they move between collaborators.

Guest Access
Easily share content with your entire team, including non-users who can still view and download content with your permission.



How does Digitile make it easier to Find Files Faster?

Here’s our nerdy explanation.

Accurate Search Results

Accurate Search Results

Digitile transparently indexes unglamorous file metadata from your favorite cloud storage solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition to machine-generate file-specific tags. (Whew!) This makes your search a whole lot smarter and accurate for quick discovery.

Search While You Work

Search While You Work

Searching for files across multiple file storage solutions is a huge waste of time. Digitile’s integrated search platform makes it quick and easy for you to find that exact file match in seconds.

View Your Results

View Your Results

Based on your keyword and hashtag search, Digitile displays document thumbnails in clean, easy-to-view tiles with a page by page view, creating an unparalleled visual Search Engine Results Page (SERP) experience. Think of it like Instagram for your files.

Work Together In Real Time

Work Together In Real Time

Use your favorite collaboration tools through Digitile’s integration with G Suite and Office 365. Changes are automatically saved and searchable within Digitile to ensure everyone has the latest version.

Files are Securely Stored

Files are Securely Stored

Files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive remain secure through the protection of the state-of-the-art security from those platforms. The Digitile interface securely links with these platforms by storing limited file metadata along with a thumbnail or full-screen image of every file to enhance your search results.

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