DAM + Product Data Enrichment

Seamlessly bridge the gap between Google Drive or Dropbox images that need to be mapped to your Shopify product catalog.

Shopify DAM + PIM

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Shopify DAM

DAM for Product Images

Create visual views of lifestyle and product shots that transcend a single folder view in Google or Dropbox that’s easily accessible and simple to group, search and syndicate.

Grid, List, and Table Views

Group, sort, and enrich your assets with flexibility and transform your product images into actionable views for marketing campaigns.


Group By Custom Fields

Rank ⭐⭐ which product shots are ideal for social and email campaigns.  Armed with a curated view of the best images your team will find images in seconds for upcoming campaigns.

Tag & Map Images To SKUs in Shopify

Easily map product images in Google Drive and Dropbox to products and variants in Shopify.

Workflow Tool

With Digitile’s Shopify integration and workflow tool, you can easily map images with SKUs, then, push the GDrive or Dropbox image URL with the tags into your Shopify product catalog.


Product Data Collaboration

Curate and share a collection of product images with suppliers to collaborate on enriching product data.


Automate Product Tags

Improve every shopper’s search experience with AI, Digitile extracts image attributes to enrich product data and reduce manual catalog management. Gain 1000s of new product tags like ripped and faded jeans or waterproof eyeliner to convert 15%-35% more high-intent buyers.

Mapping Products
Syndicate Product Images

Syndicate Product Images & Metadata

The merchandising & ops teams can eliminate the ugly spreadsheet step and the tedious work of copying and pasting product image links from Google or Dropbox into spreadsheets or Shopify.

Automate Product Catalog Update

Digitile automatically pushes product images in Google and Dropbox with their mapped product relationships and storage source URL into Shopify.


Share Image Collections

Create and Share a private DAM product image workspace with suppliers to collaborate on enriching product data.

Start Tagging

Digitile offers different ways to classify and categorize your digital assets into related groups that users can search and filter on the most granular level.

Bulk Tagging

Our bulk tag feature empowers teams to speed up the tagging process.  Furthermore, Digitile’s person-led tag training for Team and Enterprise users sheds light on how to efficiently tag so team members do not overlap their tagging efforts.

Search and share

Search & Share

Quickly and easily find the right files and share curated content with internal and external stakeholders.


With tags as the centerpiece of digital assets categorization users can easily curate assets and share a link to a group of files with guests.


Share Controls

Control if users can download, add tags, expire, or password-protect the share link for complete access governance.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?