File Search

Empower everyone you work with to quickly find any Google Drive or Dropbox file.

File Search

Apply visual search in the workplace to speed up decision-making.

Tag Google Drive & Dropbox Files

Discover Hidden Information

Digitile’s Google Drive and Dropbox file metadata synchronization and indexing technology makes every search lightning fast and accurate.

Get Actionable Insights Fast

Interactive dashboards help you uncover search results on the fly.

Through Image Recognition, Digitile analyzes pixel metadata such as objects, themes, colors, and the presence of people to reveal image attributes that provide more effective paths in discovering the right file.

With Optical Character Recognition, Digitile reads printed or handwritten text characters contained within digital and scanned documents to provide accurate search results every time.

Image Tagging
Tag Filters

Intelligent Search Filters

Select regular and custom search filters to focus your search criteria by tags, tag groups, storage sources, folder paths, file types, and who the files are shared by. You can also add date-based filters to specify the exact time range of files you’re looking for.

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