Get Started in 30-Seconds

No need to port your files into another system.  Digitile sits on top of Google Drive and Dropbox to leverage your company-wide single source of truth.

Connect Cloud Storage & Shopify

Join the 100+ companies that use Digitile


Connect Your Shared Team Folders

With our highly secure and accredited Google and Dropbox APIs, a team member can sync a sub-set of folders or the entire GDrive or Dropbox account.  

Invite Your Team

Once you’ve got a group to try Digitile with you, send them an invite and set their permission level.


Can manage users, billing, and tags

Tag Admins

Manage the company’s taxonomy


Can add tags to digital assets


Can only search and filter

user management

Define & Build Your Taxonomy

Digitile’s Tag Management Center makes it easy to create tag categories and tags. Our team of tag experts provide tag efficiency training.

Tag Manager

Complete control to maintain and update your taxonomy along with user access control over who can create, edit or delete tag categories and tags.


Taxonomy Workshop

Digitile’s taxonomy experts help Team and Enterprise users develop a tagging structure that fits your business and that scales as your business evolves.

Add Tags & Custom Fields

Digitile offers different ways to classify and categorize your digital assets into related groups that users can search and filter on the most granular level.

    Bulk Tagging

    Our bulk tag feature empowers teams to speed up the tagging process.


    Custom Fields

    The visual options are endless: Status, Task Assignments, Date, Ratings, Collaborators, Web Links, and so on.


    Search & Share

    Quickly and easily find the right files and share curated content with internal and external stakeholders.

      Search Highlighting

      Digitile highlights your search results to make it easier to understand how the results are surfaced, e.g. the file name, file body, and tags.


      Share Controls

      Control if users can download, add tags, expire, or password-protect the share link for complete access governance.

      Got Questions?

      Got Questions?