Digitile's File Security

We understand that you will be trusting us with sensitive information and valuable assets. Digitile has been built with a security first focus.  Our cloud data integration systems strictly adhere to industry leading security measures.

File Files Faster

We Don’t Store Your Files Or Passwords

Your files are never stored on our servers. Digitile employs two-way authentication with every cloud platform to ensure that no one but you can access your files.

oAuth is used for all authentication and passwords are never stored.


Data in Transit

While file metadata passes through the cloud Digitile safeguards the information with encryption.


File Permissions Management

File owners and editors have the power to control which users in the organization can access, view and share files. File permissions are managed in conjunction with each individual cloud business solution.

Security Questions?

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability, please get in touch with our security team.

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