Do you struggle to find files in GoogleDrive?

We eliminate this issue.

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Digitile makes Cloud Storage Solutions easier to use

Click to connect GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, G Suite and Office 365 to create an easy-to-use searchable home base for all your cloud files.

Digitile was specifically designed to help the workforce automate mundane manual task. With one workspace, content curators, discoverers and sharers can search, create, edit and collaborate with files all-in-one place. Digitile’s single file search hub empowers everyone.

Behind the Scenes


Our click to connect integration links your favorite cloud storage solutions to Digitile within seconds. We made the process easy. The connection just takes a minute.

Individual file metadata is automatically organized, sorted, scored and tagged across file storage solutions, then stored in Digitile to make file search easier.  An invaluable tool for the entire organization.

Click to Sync with Cloud Drives


Smarter Search Results
Our Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing platform’s full-text indexing combined with the Cloud Storage Solutions metadata allows Digitile to surface relevant results every time no matter where files are stored.

Search Mechanics Matter
To deliver accurate search results every time, Digitile’s search logic identifies exact and full string matches against file names, body content, and image recognition to help the entire workforce zero in on the right file every time in any language.

Search Queries & Filters
Document searchers can use keywords, hashtags, full strings or a combination to create highly specific search results sets. Searchers can hone any search with a variety of filters too.

Powerful Search

Visual Experience

Pictorial Display
No file folders to dig through. Instead, you get a memorable social network like display to make scanning file search results effortless.

Folderless Visual Display


File Share
With a click, notify any group of coworkers about an interesting asset for an upcoming project or business situation.

For a seamless workflow experience, our tight integration with G Suite and Office 365 make it simple to keep documents moving between colleagues that are automatically saved to in your storage system of record and immediately searchable by Digitile.

Guest Access
Our Guest Access feature simplifies sharing content with partner communities and third-party vendors. Invited non-users can view and download content without having to log in to Digitile.

Collaboration Integration


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