Automate file organization and the flow of company information to speed up productivity

Scale content

Transform and scale your team’s Google Drive & Dropbox

Unlock hidden insights buried inside Cloud Storage to keep employees informed, on point, and productive

Transform and scale your team’s Google Drive & Dropbox File Organization

Unlock hidden insights buried inside Cloud Storage to keep employees informed, on point, and productive

fragmented search


Turn Fragmented Information into Knowledge

Searching through Google and Dropbox can seem like an endless journey when it’s time to find the files you need.

Digitile categorizes digital assets in Google Drive & Dropbox at scale to enable teams to discover information faster and more efficiently.


Do More in Less Time

Assign file tags to improve document discovery, reduce duplicates, and make content reusable for future projects.

Bulk Taggging


Easily and Intuitively Connect Content

Save time by bulk tagging documents to unlock hidden insights buried across files and folders to move the organizational needle.


Structure the unstructured

Organize images thematically into groups to create a single view of product images otherwise stored across multiple cloud storage folders. Give your team members new ways to view digital assets.

Tag Management


Improve Digital Asset Organization

Define, manage, and maintain your company’s tag structure and tag relationships through our intuitive tag management center.


Intelligently Classify Images

Scale up your business with Digitile’s pre-trained computer vision (CV) capabilities to extract text, objects, themes, colors and image attributes of your Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and photography images to catalog quickly and easily.

image search


Quickly Identify The Right Image

Specify the exact information you’re looking for by setting focused search criteria by tag or tag categories. Utilize logical operators like And, Or, Include, and Exclude to refine your search results. Using combinations of these operators allows for laser focused precision in finding exactly what you need.


Frictionless Accessibility

Digitile’s no-code extensible document tag management platform delivers your well-organized tagged documents into mission-critical marketing, eCommerce, social networks, CRM’s, and project management solutions to make it more valuable for your business.

Export UI
File Organization

Organizational State of Mind

File organizationally minded companies begin with the idea of accessible interconnected information that is user-friendly. Then, they start conversations with questions like: how can this benefit our employees? How can this make work easier, more efficient, or more effective for our employees? Then, what tools do we need to make that happen?


Tag Permissions

Through multi-layer tag permissions define tag roles across your organization and define your own architecture. 


Tag Governance

Tag administrators have the flexibility and control to make changes to the team’s tagging structure as the organization scales up or strategies change.


Import Tags Fast

To begin, import your existing tag structure into Digitile through a single quick action.


Free Trial

  •             Pre-populated trial account
  •             All features enabled for trial
  •             Live Chat support M-F, 8-5PST
  •             No credit card required


$29per month
  •             1 User Included
  •             1 Cloud Account Synced
    You may connect 1 Google Drive or 1 Dropbox account to Digitile.
  •             Bulk Tagging
    You can tag 100s of files simultaneously
  •             Complex Search Operators
    We have sophisticated And + OR Search Operators for granular advanced search criteria
  •             Tag Management Center
    Setup and manage a list of tags and tag categories
  •             3 Tag Category Collections
    You may create up to 3 tag groups with an unlimited number of tags assigned to each group.
  •             Last 5 Yrs Cloud Storage Files
    Digitile will sync the last 5 years of your files in Google Drive or Dropbox. The sync is based on the created date of each file.
  •             AI Enhanced Search (Add-On)
    Image Recognition, Full Document Text Search and Optical Character Recognition are available add-on services


$149per month
  •             All Pro Features
  •             10 Users Included
  •             2 Cloud Account Synced
  •             Team Account Configuration
    Simplify onboarding and ongoing file syncing with a Team configuration. Please live chat us for more details.
  •             Team Tag Permissions
    Allow users to manage the creation and deletion of tags while others can only apply tags or filter by tags.
  •             Full Document Text Search
    Allow users to manage the creation and deletion of tags while others can only apply tags or filter by tags.
  •             Multi-Language Tags
    Most languages including multi-byte characters are supported
  •             10 Tag Category Collections
  •             Taxonomy Workshop
    Digitile provides a 1 hr workshop to cover best practices and how to build a tagging structure
  •             AI Enhanced Search (Add-On)


$399per month
  •             All Features
  •             30 Users Included
  •             10 Cloud Synced Accounts
  •             25 Tag Category Collections
  •             Image Recognition Search
    Digitile automatically identify objects, themes, colors and presences of people within images to refine searches with AI
  •             Text Within Image Search
    Digitile Optical Character Recognition identifies words in images to enhance your search results
  •              Tag Exports
  •             AI Enhanced Search

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