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Enrich your product catalog data from your site search history with Digitile’s affordable AI eCommerce onsite search optimization.

Product Image Attribution

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Deliver Highly Relevant Search Results Every Time

Browsers’ search experiences vary due to the keywords and phrases they type to describe what they want to buy. 

eCommerce Onsite Search Optimization

Enriches your product data with attributes that account for varying customer search words, e.g. dewy foundation, dewy foundation for oily skin, and long-lasting dewy foundation to reduce your brand’s site abandonment.

How To Boost Your Product Discovery

Digitile matches your customer’s qualitative onsite search language with your product catalog and images to generate highly relevant product attributes at scale.

Our customers achieve 7-10x conversion rates with Digitile’s Site Search Optimization.

product discovery

Accuracy Matters

Digitile’s product discovery suite offers you everything you need to review, manage and make decisions about your enriched product catalog data.

Tagging Dashboard

Provides users with a visual view of the enhanced products, and user and machine-generated tags.


Quality Score

Digitile provides your team with confidence scores to evaluate and modify tags for final approval.


Lite PIM

Leverage our easy-to-use list view to manage new images in Google or Dropbox. Then, with our custom fields, add SKUs, product names, product descriptions, pricing, and SEO information, export a CSV, and upload it into your commerce engine.

Learn how Noggin Boss increased sell-through by 17%

  • Noggin Boss was a Shark Tank participant in season 13 and launched their business in 2019.
  • Noggin Boss has 1000s of product photos their customers want to view for creative new ways to brand their own Noggin Boss lid.
  • With Digitile, Noggin Boss harnessed prospective customers’ search phrases like ‘football lifestyle hats’ to fuel highly relevant results to convert more.
  • Expanded its product tags from 7 to 16 per image to return highly relevant search results based on customers’ search queries.
  • Increased conversions by 17% with more high-intent buyers.
noggin boss

DAM for Product Images

Create visual views of lifestyle and product shots that transcend a single folder view in Google or Dropbox that’s easily accessible and simple to group, search and syndicate.

Grid, List, and Table Views

Group, sort, and enrich your assets with flexibility and transform your product images into actionable views for marketing campaigns.


Group By Custom Fields

Rank ⭐⭐ which product shots are ideal for social and email campaigns.  Armed with a curated view of the best images your team will find images in seconds for upcoming campaigns.

DAM for product images
human in the loop

Human In The Loop for When AI Can't

Digitile offers Tagging as a Service (TaaS), our highly trained human talent can take on any portion of your tagging project for images, videos, and documents.

Image Gaps

When the AI has attribute relevancy gaps, we can supplement it with human intelligence, enabling you to capture richer contextual attributes by industry, product, or user persona tags.


Trained Annotators

Digitile’s content moderators receive frequent training to recognize and flag content. Our professional annotator filters and tags content based on your criteria that reflect and upholds your tag guidelines.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?