Digital Asset Management For Google Drive & Dropbox

Traditional DAMs are outdated. eCommerce teams need new ways to visualize, categorize, discover, and share product images.

DAM suite

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Visualize Imagery That Mirrors Your Team's Workflow

Create visual views of marketing, creative and product images that transcend a single folder view in Google or Dropbox that’s easily accessible and simple to group, search and share.

Grid, List, and Table Views

Group, sort, and enrich your images with flexibility and transform your product images into actionable views for marketing or storefront campaigns.


Group By Custom Fields

Group your images by custom fields to visualize a more clustered view.

A Better Way To Work

Your projects constantly evolve, so you need the flexibility to organize and categorize assets with custom fields. Create the perfect view that’s right for you.

    Custom Fields

    Create any field type needed to align with your business, the options are endless: status, task assignments, dates, ratings, and more.


    Intelligent Filters

    Digitile will create dozens of filters based on your cloud storage data so you can immediately begin finding assets quickly.



    Tags enable anyone on your team to easily and quickly find product images by themselves.


    Search The Way You Think

    With Digitile’s advanced search, you no longer have to spend unnecessary time looking for the latest version of a file or worry about duplicates lying around.

    How Your Search Is Found

    Digitile highlights your search results to make it easier to understand how the results are surfaced, e.g. the file name, file body, and tags.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Pre-trained computer vision (CV) capabilities to extract information from your images; including objects, themes, colors, text, and the presence of people.

    Share Assets With Total Control

    Securely share your digital assets with agencies, contractors, and other team members with total control over what they see and can do.

    Control What Sharees Can see

    Curate a collection of files with a public link that empowers guests to visualize images with the exact search and filter view you have.


    Control What Sharees Can Do

    Allow your guest to download, view tags, and even contribute to tagging.


    Your Digital Assets Are Organized For Everywhere

    Automatically populate CRMs, Project Management, Customer Success, and Campaign Management solutions with your well-organized content library and metadata to maintain a single organizational structure.

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