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Tags are simple pieces of data that offer your team so much value you’ll wonder why it took you this long to jump on board.

Tags Suite

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Tag Strategy

Getting Started With Content Tagging

Before you take on tagging content there are a few things to consider.

How To Create A Tagging Structure

Think through typical file search use cases to appreciate how colleagues think about hunting down the latest digital assets.


Tags Are A One Too Many Relationship

A single contextual tag connects dots between 1000s of dispersed files across folders to create a content graph of related files.


Follow A Framework

Digitile offers templates for all plans and a taxonomy workshop to its Team and Enterprise users to develop a tagging structure that fits your business and scales it evolves.

Driving Impact At Scale With AI

AI-driven tags can add substantial value to your team by minimizing the manual work of tagging 1000s of files.

    Image Recognition

    Digitile’s image recognition detects attributes from objects, themes, colors, and the presence of people to automate the tagging process.


    Optical Character Recognition

    Digitile uses ML to read and process any document, accurately extracting text, handwriting, tables, and other data with no manual effort.

    AI Tags
    Tag Management

    Contextual User Generated Tags

    Rather than wading through file after file, contextual tags brings you straight to what you’re looking for quickly.

      Tag Manager

      Complete control to maintain and update your taxonomy along with user access control over who can create, edit or delete tag categories and tags.


      Bulk Tagging

      Our bulk tag feature empowers teams to speed up the tagging process.  Furthermore, Digitile’s person-led tag training for Team and Enterprise users sheds light on how to efficiently tag so team members do not overlap their tagging efforts.

      Human In The Loop When AI Can't

      Digitile offers Tagging as a Service (TaaS), our highly trained human talent can take on any portion of your tagging project for images, videos, and documents.

        Image Gaps

        When the AI has attribute relevancy gaps, we can supplement it with human intelligence, enabling you to capture richer contextual attributes by industry, product, or user persona tags.


        Trained Annotators

        Digitile’s content moderators receive frequent training to recognize and flag content. Our professional annotators’ filter and tag content based on your criteria that reflect and uphold your tag guidelines

        Tag Export

        Your Digital Assets Are Organized For Everywhere

        Organize once and syndicate to populate CRMs, Project Management, Customer Success, and Campaign Management solutions with your well-organized content library and metadata to maintain a single organizational structure.

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