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The Story Begins with two former IBM employees that got tired of wasting their time digging through shared team drives, logging into multiple solutions, or bugging their colleagues to find the files they needed.


About US

This company was built on the foundation of standing up to those wasted moments that we all have come to accept as the norm when it comes to searching for files. Here’s a familiar picture that transcends industries and companies. You’re in the zone. You’d call it a flow state, but you’re too focused to talk. Work feels like your brain is simply dancing. But then — then — then — where is that file that has all the numbers you need to back up this incredible insight you just bled onto the page? It’s here somewhere. Was it a pdf? A Word doc? Or was it in an infographic somewhere, in which case you’re looking for a jpg? And like that your flow state slips through your fingers. It’s examples like this that formed this company. Molding a vision that set out to become a primary document tag management platform in every team’s tool belt to rapidly find the files they need, not caring about where it’s stored, what folder it lives in, or even what the file name is. Digitile is a platform built for teams by people that took a stand against daily barriers to getting work done.

2019 Venture Madness SaaS Winner

Venture Madness, presented by Invest Southwest in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority, puts the most promising startups against one another in a live pitch, head-to-head competition.

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Michelle Eichner

Co-Founder, &
Chief Executive Officer

    Josh Topel

    Co-Founder, &
    Chief Product Officer

    Digitile Artwork
    Digitile Artwork

    Michael Hillebrand

    Lead Software Engineer

    Seth Derrick

    Senior Software Architect

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