The Workplace is broken.

We’re on a mission to fix it.

Digitile centralizes file searches to optimize employees daily productivity.

About Us

Digitile Founder

Michelle Eichner, Founder

Why We Created A File Search Engine

It’s happened to everyone. You’re in the zone. You’d call it a flow state, but you’re too focused to talk. Work feels like your brain is simply dancing.

But then — then — then — where is that file that has all the numbers you need to back up this incredible insight you just bled onto the page? It’s here somewhere. Was it a pdf? A Word doc? Or was it in an infographic somewhere, in which case you’re looking for a jpg? And like that your flow state slips through your fingers. Now you’re hungry, thirsty, tired and need a bathroom break.

All you can think to yourself if only there was a file search engine to make your work-life easier.

On top of how terrible and tragic this daily scenario is, consider the fact that every time your train of thought is disrupted it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on track.

Why is it so difficult to find the right document when you need it most?

Every day, 31% of the workforce waste an hour searching for files. Our business is built on the knowledge of many unproductive work environments. Digitile exists to connect people with documents to reduce wasteful time sinks of repeatable activities.

Our File Search Engine was designed to automate everyday work activities, reduce moments of flagging productivity, eliminate workplace stress with a platform the entire organization adopts with passion. This is core to everything we do at Digitile. Our user experience starts with empathy for individuals in the organizations and their daily needs to create, curate, discover and share files.

We fit into your process; we donʼt make your business fit into ours. You might change how you think, but you wonʼt have to change the way you work.


What makes Digitile so Unique?

We imagine a workplace without disruptions where everyone is connected to the files they need at the moment they need it to gain #1morehour a day.

A New Way To Work

Our architectural design and user experience simplifies how employees search for information. Digitile leveraged the framework and fundamentals employed by well-known search engines and the visual queues from the world’s greatest social networks.

Time Guardian

To protect employees, behind the scene, Digitileʼs simplified and automated countless repeatable workplace activities to make each step of curating, discovering and distributing company files easy.





Our Workplace

Digitile is a fast-paced, energetic company that recognizes employees work investment and original thinking while having some fun along the way.


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